Seller Terms & Conditions

Croydon Computer Fairs has relocated

It is with regret that British Computer Fairs has decided to cease trading and there will no more computer fairs at Oasis Academy in Croydon.

The reason is that company which looks after the Croydon venue, have decided that they do not plan to open on Sundays beyond the end of this year.

An alternative venue has now been organised by the traders themselves and BCF hopes this will prove successful and continue to operate.

Edenham High School, Orchard Way, Croydon.
CR0 7NL. See map. First Sunday every month.

Please visit their Website or Facebook Page

Booking Requests

  • In order to make table bookings, vendors are required to complete a seller profile via the companies website. Part of this process requires that you provide proof of identity and address.
  • All bookings are subject to availability and the company reserves the right to decline any booking if deemed unsuitable or of detriment to the good reputation of the fairs.
  • If a booking is cancelled later than 12 noon preceding the fair then the company reserve the right to charge for the booking in full.
  • Pre-payment conditions apply for sellers who have a history of no-shows.


Arrival and Setup

  • Space is reserved subject to the sellers' arrival before 9.30am. Late arrival may result in book space being re-let of given away without refund.
  • The organisers view late cancellations, no-shows and late arrival negatively.
  • Sellers should not leave the event prior to the advertised closing time.
  • All vehicles are to be parked where designated by the organisers and must not breach fire or access regulations.
  • No goods shall be placed on the floor so as to obstruct the free passage or viewing of goods by persons using the fair.
  • Displays not should displays unreasonably obstruct the line of sight to to immediately adjacent sellers' displays
  • We expect all sellers to show due consideration to neighbouring vendors, especially where there is limited space behind the stalls.
  • Signs and adverts should not ordinarily be attached to walls or fixtures as the trader will be held responsible for any damage caused from using adhesives or tape etc.
  • Compliance with venue rules and regulations is expected at all times, including those regarding smoking and consumption of own food on premises.
  • Sellers are responsible for their own insurance cover for Public Liability, Personal Injury, Theft and Damage. The organisers cannot be held liable for any losses howsoever arising.
  • Sellers are advised not to leave cash or valuables unattended or on view in a vehicle, even if it is parked at the venue.

Sales Conduct

  • Traders are expected to comply with all aspects of UK Sale Of Goods legislation and all other Acts Of Parliament.
  • Sellers must cooperate with Trading Standards Enforcement Officers should they attend the fair or intervene on behalf of a customer.
  • Each stand must clearly display a printed notice or else supply business cards visibly displaying the sellers' current business information and day time contact details.
  • Sub-letting stands or stand sharing is not permitted.
  • All items should be price marked and each customer must be given a receipt with a printed header, detailing the seller's current business and contact details, together with the amount paid.
  • All new goods sold by traders must have a minimum 12 months warranty.
  • When dealing with warranty claims or complaints, the organisers expects that all sellers demonstrate that they provide effective after sales service in a prompt and business like manner.
  • Whilst at a fair, sellers must accept and be prepared to deal with goods returned on the day. RTB or return to base -  shall mean the point of purchase.
  • All goods either new or used must be sold in working order.
  • 2nd user items sold without warranty must be clearly marked 'scrap' or 'for parts' – not 'sold as seen' which may be misleading to the public.
  • The organisers expect high standards of taste and decency to be observed at all times.
  • Whereupon a customer has been unable to resolve a reasonable complaint with a seller, the organisers may (at their sole discretion) intervene so as to resolve the problem.
  • The seller agrees to indemnify the organisers against any associated costs incurred with above.
  • Attendance at any fair or participation with the companies website will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • These terms are under constant review, the most recent copy of which is to be found on this website.