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Croydon Computer Fairs has relocated

It is with regret that British Computer Fairs has decided to cease trading and there will no more computer fairs at Oasis Academy in Croydon.

The reason is that company which looks after the Croydon venue, have decided that they do not plan to open on Sundays beyond the end of this year.

An alternative venue has now been organised by the traders themselves and BCF hopes this will prove successful and continue to operate.

Edenham High School, Orchard Way, Croydon.
CR0 7NL. See map. First Sunday every month.

Please visit their Website or Facebook Page

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3D Printer

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The Active3D Printer we supply is a modified version of the very successful RepRapPro Mendel. This has the advantage of introducing you to the worldwide RepRap community with its website, ongoing guidance and debating/discussion community.

The Active3D Mendel specifications  

• Build volume: 220x220x200mm Overall size: 500x500x410mm
• Printing materials: PLA, 1.75mm diameter thermoplastic.
• Build surface: Perspex
• Computer interface: USB
• X-carriage: with one head supplied.
• Accuracy: 0.2mm
• Resolution: 0.0125mm
• Building speed: 80 mm/s
• Moving speed: 200 mm/s
• Deposition rate: 33 cm3 / hr
• Motion: Linear ball bearings on all axis.
• Melzi electronics
• Detailed instruction manual

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