Croydon Computer Fairs has relocated

It is with regret that British Computer Fairs has decided to cease trading and there will no more computer fairs at Oasis Academy in Croydon.

The reason is that company which looks after the Croydon venue, have decided that they do not plan to open on Sundays beyond the end of this year.

An alternative venue has now been organised by the traders themselves and BCF hopes this will prove successful and continue to operate.

Edenham High School, Orchard Way, Croydon.
CR0 7NL. See map. First Sunday every month.

Please visit their Website or Facebook Page

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Water Damaged iPhones


Fonesguru  fix water damaged iPhone 4S. This is a specialist service that iPhone 4s Repairs has extensive experience in dealing with as we also provide this service to other mobile phone repair shops.

Have you dropped your iPhone 4S in a pool, or maybe a drink, what about a sink, or worse a toilet? Believe it or not your iPhone can be saved from water damage. We have a 90% success rate of saving water damaged iPhones.

Let our specially trained technicians at fonesguru repair your water damaged iPhone 4s. We’ve worked on thousands of Apple phones and with our state of the art machines and processes, we are confident that we can fix your iPhone 4s.
We’ve seen it all from swimming pools to port-o-potty’s; send us your water damaged iPhone 4s and let us see what our skilled repair staff can do to save your iPhone 4s. This repair generally takes 24-72 hours, depending on the severity of the water damaged.

Send your iPhone 4s in and let the pro's at fonesguru  have a chance to salvage it. Once we receive your iPhone 4s at our repair facility, we will run a complete diagnostic test on it, run your circuit board through our state of the art ultrasonic machines. Upon completion, your iPhone 4S will be fully tested. If any other parts are damaged, we will locate the problem, repair it quickly, and ship it back to you within 24 hours (unless the severity of water damage warrants longer as stated above).


We know how important your iPhone 4s is to you, so we will send you an email when your iPhone 4s is finished being repaired and is shipping back to you. We will also provide you with tracking information so you can keep an eye on your package. When it arrives, you will be required to sign for it. This helps protect you and your iPhone 4s. If you have any questions during the entire iPhone 4s repair process, you may contact us.

Quality service guaranteed
Prices from

To purchase this item please visit our stand at a BCF Gadget & Tech Fair or contact us today.